"GREEN is the currency of renewable energy"

Green Nodes are setting power free at home. Learn Why & How! 

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We are the blockchain. We are connectors to spread the word of this unique energy distribution blockchain. Use our QR - codes to connect, watch the videos and learn!

There's a lot in development here that has been in development for a long time. The software itself has been in development for six and a half years. The blockchain aspect of the software has been deployed in the nodes' beta environment for three and a half years

Green Blockchain - project soft launch 4th of July 2022 

Everything we're doing here is to insulate green so that it's so compliant it can't be stopped.

We want to make green one of the most widely used projects in the world.

How we're going to do that is by getting people to reverse stake their power bill so that when someone pays their power bill with green they get a reward that's close to equal to or sometimes maybe even greater than the green that they spent to pay their power bill

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