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The main focus is to give FREE personal code to the website, where your customers, friends, family whatever people you meet, can book their trips and stay at 5 Star hotels paying 3-star prices. When they save money you get paid. Sounds too perfect?


It is easy to start and you can work online with a power tool to promote it!

Hua Hin, Thailand & Dmitry
Hua Hin, Thailand & Dmitry

How to Have Dream Holiday 4 Times a Year Without breaking The Family Budget?

First, you register with email and name to see the interactive presentation. It is pretty amazing and simple to look at what you are interested in. Even the business model is there too to take a look.  You can find the main menu. Click I want to ibuumerang. So we as TSAs see that and send you free code to the website. It´s free to try and free to keep forever.  What are you waiting for? You can use the website whenever you travel, need a hotel, rent a car, etc. 

Short conversation how this system works for customers 
When YOU are interested to get savings using a free website

Travel Savings Ambassador (= TSA) answers him.

YOU: What do I have to buy? How much is this whole travel thing in these discounts what's this gonna cost me?
TSA: I know that this is going to be hard for you to believe, but I'm gonna give you a website it's 100% free to try and free to keep forever.

YOU: You're kidding? It's a hundred percent FREE and what do I get it once I've activated this? What do I get to do?

TSA: You're gonna use this website just like you would hotels dot com Travelocity,, Agoda, Trivago or any other retail site. You're just gonna do your shopping on this site and you're gonna get 5-star hotels for three-star prices.

YOU:So, I don't have to get on like any kind of monthly order or there's no ever no memberships?
TSA: No nothing. I know I know this has been the biggest challenge as if people think there's a catch and there's just not a catch and to get this we even have a price match guarantee. You know we're not gonna have the best price 100% of the time that's just impossible but if you do find a better price somewhere else we're gonna match that price 110 percent of the difference, so you have honestly, have nothing to lose by.

YOU:This search engine, is this the full travel platform? Has it been around for a while? I mean where is there some legit stuff in it?
TSA: Absolutely, we partnered with a company called Extreme Travel and they've been in the industry for 18 years. Our company is new to the scene but our travel provider has been around for a very long time. (You are hitting me hard!)

YOU:I am on the brutal right. Okay if I'm not paying any money to use this thing what are you getting out of it?
TSA: Okay that's a great question, so the way this works is our company buys in wholesale and so let's say that they get a block of rooms for $100 a night and then they go price compared to the other retail sites like I mentioned before whatever and they're charging 300 dollars per night and they decide to charge our customers 200 dollars a night. So, you as a customer would be saving $100 from what you would pay on the other travel booking platforms but there's still the hundred-dollar profit leftover. That's where I get paid so you save $100 and I earn a commission. I only earn a commission when you save money.

YOU:Wait, feed me back it up. So, you're telling me that if I go on there for free set up an account and go find something that I was going to probably spend money on anyhow at least within the next twelve months. I was gonna rent a car using a flight, get a hotel, going to cruise that if I end up saving money because you helped me out, you get 50% of that savings?
TSA: It's exactly what I'm saying. When you save I get commissions. So, do you want this booking site for your dream holidays, hotel bookings, and whatever you like to use when you travel? Remember it is free to try and free to keep? The catch is that you send me a selfie on your first savings experience! Deal?

YOU: Okay, Okay, please give me the system code and website. Thanks!

You can start watching an interactive presentation from clicking this line 

Zell Am See, Austria & Sirpa
Zell Am See, Austria & Sirpa

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