Experience brings knowledge and pain to the doer


Dmitry wanted to go swimming.
Yeah, -4C and ice floes in the river Kemijoki.
I had only my phone Samsung A51 and a gimbal with me, which had not much power to use in the freezing weather. 

I knew, that there were not many minutes for the video shoots. And I got a feeling, that it could become extraordinary, so I wanted to do it today. 

Dmitry was running to the beach and I tried to follow his moves. Before that, I came a little bit too late to the beach and he was irritated because he had to run the second round from the beach to "Rautatiesilta" and Jätkänkynttilä as I had his swimming clothes in my car.

When I came, he wanted to go to the water as fast as he could, as he was warm and sweaty after running. There was no time to direct him at any moment as he was going to do it without me. 

I stared shooting, hoping my tools would work.  I kept my video recorder running nearly all the time he was on the beach and in the water. I knew nothing what he was up to. I had to shoot him and he did what he wanted. That was actually a very good thing for the video. I was looking to the church, and did not notice he was going to jumb in the water. Then I had to shoot him when he was in the water, not knowing when he wanted to get up. Luckily I got the magic position and movements when he did. 

But just before he was back on the ground, he changed his attitude and started to play games. In the editing room, I found the change of his mode from irritation to playful. There was my moment to show it to you. I loved these few changes in the video. 

After swimming, he wanted to go home as fast as he could with our car, so I didn´t have much time to take pics after swimming. Luckily I found a few suitable pieces of music from my Envato account. Then I started editing. 

Looking at my clips I noticed many flaws. I forgot to put a slow motion on. That was a big mistake. I didn't have boots on, so I could not go to the water. I did not have time to make any drone videos, which I wish I had for the first time. It would have given me more height and deep to this video. And so on...

Editing was an enjoyable painful experience as I noticed my mistakes. Still, these few minutes clips got some wonderful seconds to use in the video. There was not much to leave out, as I wanted to give the feeling to audience that he was swimming a long time and doing his other movements on the ground after swimming. 

Actually, he was nearly 3 minutes in the water and at least 5 minutes doing other movements on the ground after swimming. Yeah, he did it all what he wanted instead of what I wanted him to do. And I think he did great! As you can see, Dmitry is a good actor, even he does not act or get my video directing shouts, like normally... :)

As an editor and a producer, I love to do spontaneous videos of what we do. I had time only to take 10 video clips for this video. My hands were freezing. But this was quite easy to shoot if I compare my video shooting while he wanted to go skiing. You can find that video from my YouTube channel ("Muuviis videotuotanto ja valmennus") or from my website muuviis.fi. That video was hard, as I had to shoot video clips with my gimbal on my bare hand and at the same time keep my speed skiing alongside him... 

Next time I know better. Making videos keeps you humble, all the way. 
Thank you for watching the video.
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